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Penguin Fresh; Working With Your Schedule

Do you finish work at 5? Do you need to stop at the grocery store on your way home to pick something up for tonight’s dinner? On average grocery shopping takes roughly 45 minutes… if you’re lucky! Shopping on our website will take 2-3 minutes and your pick up will take 90 seconds. All in all, you may very well spend less than 5 minutes doing your entire shopping.

Here’s how to maximize Penguin Fresh’s service to ensure that you have the freshest ingredients on your dinner table every night, and so that you can cook easy and healthy meals throughout the week.


1) Shop 2-3 times a week

This can be tiring, and time consuming. However, if you can place an order online and you are eligible to pick up the grocery products on your way home from work, Penguin Fresh and our drive thru concept with Penguin Pick-Up could save you anywhere between 20 and 30 minutes every time you go to the store. It will also ensure that you have fresher ingredients to use in your home-cooked meals.

  • Shop Friday for Saturday to Monday
  • Shop Monday for Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Shop Wednesday for Thursday and Friday


2) Select some of the pre-marinated items that we offer

From pork chops to chicken breasts, and more. What’s great is that all you have to do when you get home, is cook them. Tender and fresh meat the whole family can enjoy is pre-seasoned with some common household flavours such as lemon-garlic.


3) Pick it up on your way home from work

As early as 3 p.m. you, your spouse or a family member can take advantage of the drive thru service at your chosen Penguin Pick-Up location. You’ll be on route again in no time.



If you’d like to save some time, receive high quality grocery items and have the freshest ingredients at your dinner table, shop with Penguin Fresh.With local suppliers who always provide fresh, high quality items, we're sure that you'll be very satisfied with your purchase.