PenguinPickUp Online Market has been closed, thank you for your past business and support


Save thousands of $ a year and get better quality food

With Penguin Fresh we constantly look into how we can connect you to the source of the food i.e. the farmer, the butcher, dairy producer etc.

This is the reason our prices are the best and you get outstanding quality, we bring products from the source to you at the Penguin Pick-Up, by that saving on distribution vs home delivery, saving on inventory as we don't carry any on shelves and so on.

The best thing is though, that food is better off being distributed when bought and by that you get more fresh products, as we source as much as we can locally, it is transported as few miles as possible and not artificially aged.

All these saving in a more efficient food supply chain is passed on to you as our customer and the reason you can buy Ontario Farm Grown produce from Root13 Produce at roughly 30% less.

Soon we will ad meat to the offerings, flash-frozen, sealed, vacuum packed and prime quality; again same concept straight from the farmer and with significant price benefit to you.

Comparable quality and you have the best bargain, on top of that it is local.

Stay tuned,

The Penguin Fresh Team