Awesome Mason Jar Salad

Eating healthy is sometimes really hard to do, especially when you’re on-the-go. With a little bit of planning, we can definitely make things easier for ourselves. One way to get fresh ingredients you can easily grab and go is through Mason Jar Salads! These salads are super quick and easy to make, are packed with nutrients and you can make a bunch at once! There is a trick to making them so that they don’t go soggy so be sure to follow the directions below.
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Salad Dressing:
With any salad dressing, it’s always best to make your own. When you’re in a real rush, combine an oil such as avocado (a good source of healthy fat) or extra virgin olive oil with a vinegar or lemon juice.

Step 1: First, add your salad dressing to the mason jar. Doing this ensures that you won’t get soggy ingredients or ones that spoil quickly. Depending on your size of mason jar, add in 2-4 tablespoons.
Step 2: Add your “hardier” vegetables - chickpeas, carrots and beets. Doing this prevents your softer vegetables from withering.
Step 3:
Add the rest of your salad toppings, packing them in as closely as possible so that they can remain fresh. Fresh vegetables have the most nutrients.
Step 4: Add your greens to the top. Doing this ensures that the leaves will not go soggy, ruining your salad.
Step 5: Top with your nuts and seeds.
Step 6: Throw everything into a bowl and mix it all up so that your salad ingredients and dressing is mixed throughout.
Step 7: Enjoy!

If you’re looking to eat healthy for the week, prepare a few mason jars in advance at once. This makes it easier to grab and go so that you can stay on track when busy with meetings or traveling.