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Akita is a revolutionary cosmetic company specializing in rose water and rose oil skin care. The company, founded in Turkey, focuses on the best in cosmetic design and engineering.  

In 2003, Akita began extensive studies on rose products, forming a team of specialists consisting of expert engineers and technicians. Akita introduced these high quality and unique skin care and aromatherapy products to the Turkish market.

They have four different series of skin care product lines. Rose, Lavender, Cacao and Scentless. Turkey supplies 70% of the world’s rose oil needs. Akita's very own rose gardens are in the center of the rose region in Turkey, dedicated to delivering a fleet of premiere cosmetics to eager customers.

Their Canadian branch is based out of Oakville Ontario, established in 2013. Many of the products have been imported and are ready for sale online, products for your hair, skin, and so much more.

Their goal is to bring Turkey's famous rose to you, it's distinct scent is without peer and our rose products are unlike any other.