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Chen's Enterprises Corporation

Chens Enterprises Corporation is a corporate Canadian company with strong marketing capability and rich sales experience. Key to our success is our high quality people. We know what our customers want, because we have over 16 years experience in successfully operating Oriental Supermarkets, Conventional Supermarket. There are over 40 North American or World Renowned Enterprises, hundreds of main stream major brands have established partnership with Chens. Our customers are all over Canada; including Convenience Stores, Drug Stores, Gas Stations, Restaurants Wholesalers, Dollar Store Wholesalers, Conventional Supermarkets, European Supermarkets and Chinese supermarkets. T&T Supermarket, the biggest Chinese Supermarkets Chain in Canada is one of our customers.

Many immigrants come to this country with strong desires to be successful, but do not have solid ideas of what to do and where to start. Some of them want to open their own business. Due to language and experience barriers, they struggle to take the first step. Also, for those who are already running their own business, because of other obstacles, they struggle to take it to the next level. We are here to provide the service you need in order to help you to advance in your business