Crazy D’s All Natural Sodas embody the fun, fizzy tasting beverages you grew up loving, but don’t be confused – these are healthy beverages – definitely NOT junk food. Concocted by the elusive Crazy D in his Toronto-based all natural labs, his experiments are infused with fresh, prebiotic root veggies, low sugar fruit juices, natural flavours and powerful spices, which are great for your health.

Driven by a newfound healthy lifestyle, frustration with the food and beverage industry and overall crazy thirst, Crazy D found a way to cut out added sugar, adding a hint of sweetness through the science of nature’s prebiotic root vegetables. Perfectly brewed and available in three refreshing flavors – Ginga’ Kick, Thrilla In Vanilla, and Rockin' Rolla Cherry Cola!

Crazy D has yet to emerge from the depths of his soda labs, though we're thankful for the drinks and hope you enjoy!