Order Fees & Information

Delivery Availability

All Penguin Fresh items are available for next business day pick-up. If you place an order before midnight on weekdays, your groceries will be receive the next business day after 4 p.m., excluding statutory holidays. Orders placed on Friday through to Sunday at 12 a.m. will receive their groceries Monday after 4 p.m.

Home Delivery

We offer Home Delivery for the below postal codes for a fee of $10. No Minimum.  

Victoria Village
Postal Code: 
Delivery: Tuesday
Postal Code: L6A, L4J, L4K
Delivery: Thursday
Richmond Hill
Postal Code: L4E, L4C, L4S
Delivery: Friday
Postal Code: L6M
, L6L, L6K, L6H
Delivery: Wednesday
Postal Code: 
M7Y, M2K, M4J, M4L, M6P, M6B, M5A, M4M, M5C, M4K, 
Delivery:  Monday to Friday
Postal Code: M5L, M5H, M5E, M5T, M6H, M5V, M6S, M5J, M9N, M5X, M5W, M8V, M6C, M5K, M4S, M6J, M6K

Delivery: Monday to Friday
Postal Code: M2P, M4X, M1S, M1P, M3J, M3M, M5M, M8X, M4E, M2J, M6L, M4R, M4G, M4P, M3C, M4B, M5G, M2R, M3H, M4N, M4T, M4W, M1K, M5B, M6G, M4H, M5N, M7A, M5S, M5R, M4Y, M4V 

Delivery:  Monday to Friday


If you would like to have home delivery in your area, please let us know at info@penguinfresh.com

Home Delivery timing is between 4:30 p.m - 8:30 p.m.

If you would like to have home delivery in your area, please let us know at info@penguinfresh.com 


Shipping Fees

Shipping to Penguin Pick-Up is FREE  and there is no order minimum.



Food Safe Passes have been granted to each Penguin Pick-Up location by a health inspector in every region. Therefore, we are able to keep your fresh and frozen food products at the Penguin Pick-Up locations in fridges and freezers. We will guarantee the freshness of your products for up to two (2) days, excluding statutory holidays and your frozen food for up to three (3) days, excluding statutory holidays.