Freesy Bessie Foods

Fressy Bessie Foods best known for their all-natural real fruit puree ice lollies, which they sell at farmer’s markets across Toronto and through their rapidly growing roster of retailers. They also offer lunchbox meals – perfect portions for easy re-heating and transport to work or school – family meals, and baby food.  Fressie Bessy began in 2014 when I was looking for a new path. Inspired by my love of food and commitment to feeding my daughter healthy, home-prepared fruits and vegetables (all of which she loved), I started making baby food and selling it at local farmer’s markets.  One warm summer day, I got the bright idea to freeze some of my leftover purees in small baggies, pop sticks into them, and sell them as (very rudimentary!) popsicles. People LOVED them and, just like that, our flagship product was born.  We create all of our products in a certified commercial kitchen right here in Toronto using fresh, local, in-season ingredients, the majority of which are organic