Delivering fresher and higher quality food straight to your door step. At Penguin Fresh, we aim to provide a process of ease and convenience with home delivery.  

  • There is a $10 fee to use Home Delivery Service. No minimum. 
  • Home Delivery time is between 4:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Place your order any day of the week and get it delivered on scheduled day for your area.

Victoria Village
Postal Code:
Delivery: Tuesday
Postal Code: L6A, L4J, L4K

Delivery: Thursday
Richmond Hill
Postal Code: L4E, L4C, L4S
Delivery: Friday
Postal Code: L6M
, L6L, L6K, L6H
Delivery: Wednesday
Postal Code:
M7Y, M2K, M4J, M4L, M6P, M6B, M5A, M4M, M5C, M4K, 
Delivery:  Monday to Friday
Postal Code: M5L, M5H, M5E, M5T, M6H, M5V, M6S, M5J, M9N, M5X, M5W, M8V, M6C, M5K, M4S, M6J, M6K

Delivery: Monday to Friday
Postal Code: M2P, M4X, M1S, M1P, M3J, M3M, M5M, M8X, M4E, M2J, M6L, M4R, M4G, M4P, M3C, M4B, M5G, M2R, M3H, M4N, M4T, M4W, M1K, M5B, M6G, M4H, M5N, M7A, M5S, M5R, M4Y, M4V, M3N

Delivery:  Monday to Friday

If you would like to have home delivery in your area, please let us know at info@penguinfresh.com