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Kings Vegetarian Food

At King’s Vegetarian Food Mfg. Co. Ltd., our vision is to create, offer and support a wholesome vegetarian diet that can lead to a healthier, happier, and balanced life.

We value our customer’s health and the importance of balancing the world ecosystems. From our zeal for sublime goodness comes our creations of the highest quality natural products to exceed our customers expectations.

 Our journey began 18 years ago with a stand alone restaurant in Kensington area of Toronto called King’s Café. The restaurant is still there today and has an amazing following. You could say that back then we were pioneers in this field as what was such a new concept, especially in Kensington area.

 That’s what brings us to where we are today. We wanted to have the highest quality ingredients to serve our guests and back then there was so little in the way of vegetarian or vegan products. So, we started making our own. We had plenty of failures too by the way, but we persevered and now we carry an inventory of 100 items even mostly vegan.