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Mom's Best

In today’s world of huge conglomerates, Mom’s Best is a small company. But there’s nothing small about the pride and care they put into every one of their products. Their main line is biscotti and taste amazing. Their products,quality and TLC are always the best they do.

Two Sisters started Mom’s Best out of their home kitchen in 1995. Both sisters had small children, full time jobs and a great big dream. Like every mom, they wanted to give their children the best they could. So, they called their company Mom’s Best. They knew that every mother would be able to relate and hoped that every child, small or grown, would find comfort in the thought behind the name.  

Once started, Mom’s Best grew like crazy. They did sales and deliveries on lunch hours and baking and packaging - nights and weekends. When they got their first plant, there were many nights when their children slept on the floor, covered up cozy, while they worked through the night.  

They went from a 1,300 square foot plant to a 5,500 square foot plant to where they are today in a 20,000 square foot plant. The company, and their children, have grown, but in their hearts they will all remain their babies.