the fresh difference

Customers receive fresher products because:

  • There's a shorter amount of time between when a product is harvested and when you receive it
  • Produce you receive are products that were picked up from the food terminal that morning
  • Our suppliers are also local

The quality of the products customers receive is higher because of:

  • The carefully selected local suppliers 
  • Our produce and meat suppliers serve some of Toronto’s high end hotels and restaurants 
  • There is 100% traceability of where your meat comes from

As for convenience:

  • Customers can shop online  and place an order from anywhere
  • Customers get their orders the next-day with next-day delivery
  • Delivery is exclusively through PenguinPickUp
  • Home Delivery is available for a $10 fee

With PenguinPickUp Market, you will receive fresher and higher quality products with an added convenience.