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Beyond Sausage, Hot Italian, Plant-Based Vegan Sausage, 10-Pack

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Beyond Sausage, Plant-Based Vegan Sausage, Hot Italian, 10-Pack

  • The world's first plant-based vegan sausage that looks, cooks and satisfies like animal protein
  • Similar to traditional pork sausage, Beyond Sausage is made with a coarse ground (plant based) protein, mixed with natural flavors and spices, sealed in an edible plant-based casing
  • 16 grams of Plant-Based Protein
  • 43% Less Total Fat and 38% Less Saturated Fat than leading brand of brat-style pork sausage
  • Gluten Free / Cholesterol Free / Soy Free
  • GMO Free / Hormone Free / Cruelty Free
  • Kosher Certified
  • Perfect when cooked in a pan, grill or griddle
  • Ingredients: Water, Pea Protein Isolate, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Natural Flavor, Contains 2% or less of: Rice Protein, Faba Bean Protein, Potato Starch, Salt, Fruit Juice (for color), Vegetable Juice (for color), Apple Fiber, Methylcellulose, Citrus Extract (to protect quality), Calcium Alginate Casing, Garlic
  • The Casing is made of Calcium alginate which is obtained from algae which is natural, clear, flavorless and 100% plant-based

Source: Vegans 4 Life (