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Big Cow Lasagna, Scooby Doo Eats

/ 750g

Big Cow Lasagna, Scooby Doo Eats

  • Made of 100% semolina fresh egg Italian pasta since 1966, is rich in delicious creamy béchamel sauce filled with our 5 layers of orangey Bolognese, 5 layers of cheese & Ricotta, & 4 layers of ground minced beef
  • A big portion of 750g for up to 2 people
  • Clean Meat - 100% natural raised without Antibiotics
  • No Hormones / No Steroids / No Preservatives
  • 100% Semolina
  • Foodland Ontario
  • Cheesy, Saucy, Beefy
  • Ingredients: Tomatoes, Ground Beef, Durum Semolina Flour, Whole Milk, Mozzarella Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, Onion, Ricotta Cheese, Eggs, Green Pepper, Red Pepper, Water, Garlic, Carrot, Unbleached Flour, Green Olives, Unsalted Butter, Olive Oil, Basil
  • Contains: Wheat, Milk, Egg
  • 50% of sales returned back to the farmers

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