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Dog Meal, B'apples, Tom & Sawyer

/ 454g

Tom & Sawyer, Dog Meal, B'apples

  • This delicious pairing of beef and apples for dogs is so popular, we just had to give it it's own celebrity couples name! The ingredients make this recipe so appealing it will be hard to keep the puparazzi away
  • Simplicity of fresh and tasty ingredients is the backbone of this gluten-free, grain-free recipe  
  • Lean ground beef is the primary ingredient on the menu followed by healthy fruits & vegetables, farm eggs and oils for all the Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids that your best buddy needs for complete nutrition
  • Metabolizable Energy: 156kcal/100g
  • Conveniently vacuumed sealed in 1 Lb packages and flash frozen
  • Thaw and bring to desired eating temperature and serve
  • Can be fed as complete or partial diet
  • Refer to vendor website for detailed feeding guide

Source: Tom & Sawyer (