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Dog Meal, Pork Sweet Potato Hash, Tom & Sawyer

/ 454g

Tom & Sawyer, Dog Meal, Pork Sweet Potato Hash

  • Breakfast has never been so exciting for dogs! Lean ground pork, sweet potatoes, apples, spinach and eggs deliver a kick-start to the day for your 4-Legged Foodie, or let them have breakfast for dinner with this tasty meal
  • 172 kCal Metabolizable Energy per 100g
  • Conveniently vacuumed sealed in 1 Lb packages and flash frozen
  • Thaw and bring to desired eating temperature and serve
  • Can be fed as complete or partial diet
  • Ingredients: lean ground pork, sweet potato, apple, spinach, egg, vitamin & mineral blend, digestive aid blend, omega-3 fish oil
  • Refer to vendor website for detailed feeding guide

Source: Tom & Sawyer (