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Dog Meal, Tummy Tamer, Tom & Sawyer

/ 454g

Tom & Sawyer, Dog Meal, Tummy Tamer

  • We thought about calling this one “Seemed Like Fun” because dogs often get sick from getting into something they shouldn’t have been doing. We get it (Sawyer likes to hunt) and we want to help you nurse your fur-baby back to health during those times
  • Tom&Sawyer’s Tummy Tamer is only steamed chicken breast and cooked white rice in a veterinarian recommended proportion to be gentle on their stomach over those next few days while their digestive system takes care of whatever it is causing distress
  • Metabolizable Energy: 140kcal/100g
  • Conveniently vacuumed sealed in 1 Lb packages and flash frozen
  • Thaw and bring to desired eating temperature and serve
  • Ingredients: Chicken Breast Meat, White Rice
  • This recipe is meant for short-term feeding only, it does not contain our supplement blend and is not nutritionally complete for a full-time diet
  • Refer to vendor website for detailed feeding guide

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