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Franklin & Sons Handcrafted Premium Tonic Water, Natural Light

/ 200ml
Franklin & Sons Handcrafted Premium Tonic Water, Natural Light
  • Franklin & Sons handcrafted premium tonics and mixers, a perfect accompaniment for the most revered craft spirits
  • Each variant is made from beautiful spring water sourced from Staffordshire, which complements the flavours of each drink
  • A unique blend of botanical flavours which create a crisp, clean and refined taste
  • A low calorie variant of the Natural Indian Tonic water
  • Made using the same sparkling Staffordshire spring water, quinine from Ecuador with half the sugar
  • Using half the British sugar than the Natural Indian Tonic Water, this takes in a more bitter taste, which enhances any floral or Reid's gins, and premium vodkas
  • The Great Taste Awards are the world's most coveted blind-tested food and drinks awards, often described as the "Oscars of the food and drink industry".  Franklin & Sons tonic range received the 5 stars

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