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French Savory Meal, Beef Provençale, Frozen

/ 350g

French Savory Meal, Beef Provençale, Frozen

  • Provençale refers to any French stew that uses a sauce consisting of tomatoes, garlic, and olive oil
  • Provençales taste great with any type of meat, and we chose beef for ours, since it's heartier
  • Provençale is not unlike ratatouille, in that it combines a group of three vegetables into a piping hot stew. However, adding meats to the mix makes it healthier: you get iron, B12, and protein in addition to the vitamins from the stew's vegetables
  • Ingredients: beef, red wine, carrot, celery sticks, onion, fresh orange skin, fresh orange juice, Kalamata olives, tomato paste, garlic, fresh thyme, bay leaves, cloves, olive oil, sugar, salt, pepper, spices

Source: French Lunch, Oakville, ON (