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Glacial High Alkaline Water, Vortex 9.5

/ 1.5L

Glacial High Alkaline Re-Mineralized Water, Vortex 9.5

  • Vortex 9.5 Water is a high alkaline water bottled in Vancouver, BC and sourced with all natural glacial water with added Potassium rich electrolytes
  • Vortex 9.5 has an active pH of 9.5 to provide the benefits of natural anti-oxidants and naturally occurring electrolytes
  • Vortex also boasts reverse osmosis and ozonation to provide a fuller hydration
  • Spin Cycle Process
  • Enhanced performance water that feeds your body and your lifestyle
  • Isolated from any source of commercial or human pollutants (purest water around)
  • Not processed like many other brands (“alive” in its natural state) only single filter required
  • High negative ion charges
  • 4 PPM TDS (other companies are 300-500)
  • No danger of depletion
  • Superior Taste / Superior Hydration / Superior Recovery
  • NSF / Kosher Check / BPA Free Bottle
  • Product of Canada