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James Antonio Coffee, Limited Edition, Small

/ 80g

James Antonio Coffee, Limited Edition, Small Size (80g)

James Antonio Coffee is 100% Red Cherries only, organically processed, for the fertile volcanic slopes of Tarrazu, Costa Rica.  Coffee plants find Nirvana in the combination of climate, ideal rich soil and the perfect altitude for achieving its evolution

  • Single Estate - Micro Lot - Limited Quantity Available
  • Hand Picked Red Cherries ensures gathering of only the ripest Arabica beans
  • Altitudes of 6000-7000 ft provides perfect growing conditions for the coffee tree
  • Natural 30 days of sun-drying process
  • Notes of Citrus, Honey, and Tropical Fruit Flavoring
  • Medium Light Roasted only after your order has been received by our master roaster
  • Fair Trade - harvesters / farmers / roasters work under humane condition and are paid a premium for their effort for quality excellence
  • Sustainability - the farming practices, recyclable boxes, biodegradable pouches, and carry bags set the new benchmark for sustainability - for our business, communities and the world as a whole
  • Packed in a premium hardwood box - perfect as a gift

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