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Kale Kim Chi

/ 490ml

Kale Kim Chi, Green Table Foods

  • This recipe is closer to the original Korean formula, being made with Napa cabbage.  Then load three bushels of certified organic kale into each batch
  • A little bit spicier than the original recipe Organic Kim-Chi
  • Farm-Direct Ingredients (Local Fair Trade)
  • Everything is processed in-house (from peeling and slicing our own carrots, grinding up fresh ginger root, to slicing cabbage into thin lacy furls) - locally made
  • Always made with 100% pure Himalayan pink salt 
  • Naturally Fermented (the process requires no out-sourced starters)
  • No irradiation - better retention of vitamins and enzymes
  • Unpasteurized - keep the vital nutrients, enzymes, and pro-biotic bacteria
  • Using 100% reusable and recyclable North-American made glass mason jars (they are better for our health and our planet)
  • Operate in an allergen-free facility, no gluten, no dairy, no soy, no corn, no nuts, no sesame, no eggs or fish
  • 100% Vegan / Fully Raw / Non-GMO

Source: Green Table Foods (