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Lime Juice with Lime Oil, Organic, Sicilia

/ 118ml

Organic Lime Juice with Organic Lime Oil, SICILIA

  • SICILIA Organic Lime Squeeze – the practical seasoning alternative to organic limes that goes a long way
  • Made from concentrated organic lime juice with citric acid added for extra flavour. Its high concentration means that a little goes a long way, and it can be diluted 8-fold
  • SICILIA Organic Lime Squeeze has a wonderful aroma. The reason is an original patented spray nozzle in the neck of the bottle filled with pure lime oil. Every time the bottle is used, the right dosage of the oil obtained from the fruit is added to the juice – this is what gives SICILIA Organic Lime Squeeze its particularly fine aroma
  • The patented squeeze bottle makes consistent, user-friendly dosage possible