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Pretto Lasagna, Traditional Bolognese, Family Size

/ 1.7kg

Pretto Lasagna, Traditional Bolognese, Family Size, Frozen

  • Pretto's Signature Lasagna - traditional recipe from the Bologna region of Italy
  • Delicate 7 thin layers of fresh egg pasta with a traditional Italian meat sauce - the perfect marriage of pasta and sauce
  • Pretto's Pasta make Italian classic thin fresh pasta using whole eggs and unbleached flour
  • All Natural Ingredients - tomatoes, onions, whole milk, 35% cream etc
  • Locally Sourced Ingredients - tomatoes are from Leamington; dairy and cheese come from Gay lea, an Ontario Farmers Coop.  An exception is the use of Italian Pecorino Romano Cheese, which there is no local substitute
  • No Colouring and Preservatives added
  • Serve 4-6 people

Proudly crafted by Winona's Harvest, Hamilton, Ontario