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Treats, Banana Barley Biscuits, Tom & Sawyer

/ 18 Pieces

Tom & Sawyer, Treats, Banana Barley Biscuits

  • In Partnership with Toronto's own Left Field Brewery!  Made with nutritious Brewer's Barley Grains
  • 18 pieces ber bag
  • Not using preservatives in making the fresh bakery treats, therefore the shorter shelf life of the treats must be considered as well as the temperature of the place they are stored (avoid warm or moist temperatures). We suggest refrigerating the treats to prolong freshness or using within approximately 2 weeks 
  • Ingredients: Brewer's Barley Grain, Oats, Cinnamon, Banana, Peanut Butter, Apple, Egg, Wheat Flour 
  • Refer to vendor website for detailed feeding guide

Source: Tom & Sawyer (